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  • Craig Bissell

Why Keeping Score Can Side-Line Your Relationship

Ever sat across from your partner, each lost in a personal whirlwind of thoughts, wondering, “Is this relationship on life support?” You're not the first, and with today's shaky commitment landscape, you certainly won't be the last. But the silver lining? The very act of questioning indicates a desire to get the ball rolling again.

Acknowledging relationship turbulence? Kudos. That's like admitting you took a wrong turn on a road trip. Now, the real journey begins: rerouting.

Relationships, like any intricate dance, have their missteps. Whether it’s the uncomfortable silence replacing meaningful conversations or perhaps a trust misstep, sometimes you need a choreographer to get back in sync.

A Few Signs Your Relationship Could Use Some Fine-Tuning:

1. Lost in Translation: If more conversations end in squabbles than solutions, it’s perhaps time to tune the relational frequency.

2. The Emotional Arctic: If your partnership feels like it’s undergone a sudden ice age, there's room for a little thawing.

3. Groundhog Day Arguments: Repeating the same argument? It's not a beloved tradition; it's a sign you might need a mediator.

4. Trust on the Rocks: When trust takes a hit, it's challenging but not impossible to rebuild. Think of it as relationship masonry.

The Subtle Brilliance of Relationship Therapy:

Think of therapy as the Swiss Army knife for relational challenges. Multifaceted and undeniably handy.

Here's how it can sharpen things up:

1. Clearer Convo Channels: Relearn the art of conversation where every word doesn’t feel like navigating a minefield.

2. Drama-Free Disagreement: Acquire the sophisticated art of disagreeing without turning the dining table into a debate stage.

3. Restoring Trust's Lustre: For those times trust gets tarnished, discover the polish of mutual understanding.

4. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Less 'me vs. you' and more 'us against the problem'.

If you feel like your relationship narrative could use a plot twist, we at Cura Mental Health are here, not just with a listening ear but also with actionable insights, minus the cliches.

Interested in turning a page? Connect with us directly, give us a call at 916-534-8806, or explore our online resources. Because in the grand narrative of love, sometimes all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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